What In The World Possessed Us?

I would love to share a little about how all of this got started!! About 2 years ago a friend of mine expressed how jealous she was that I was able to compost all my kitchen scraps and have so little left to go to the landfill.  I told her I didn’t mind composting her scraps as well if she wanted me to swing by and pick them up.  One “swing by” became 2 – then a weekly event – then other neighbors joined and soon it was a small community.  We started experimenting with different collection methods, what day of the week was best, how to not get our precious “scraps” taken by the municipal trash service, etc.  I began to wonder why we didn’t have curb-side pick-up, but the city of Dallas said it just wasn’t financially feasible for Dallas yet. I researched how other cities were doing this and learned that there are many dozens of private companies providing this service for their local areas where cities were not.  So CompostHaste was born for Dallas!! (please forgive the terrible pun with the name.  When you tell your significant other that you have decided to open a composting business the least you can do is let him chose the name.  He’s a geek).

It is truly my hope that our customers feel like they are in a community of silent warriors – making small choices everyday that will change the attitudes of those who are watching the example. We can reduce the landfill, influence the community and change the future of the Dallas waste stream.  But most importantly we can change the future of the world by being an example for our children! I have been overwhelmed by the response I have gotten from kids – their passion and their willingness.  The same friend I mentioned above told me that the best thing about having CompostHaste bins in her home is that her children will not remember a time that they put food waste in a trash can.  Imagine that world friends!!  Join us.

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