What’s So Great About Composting?

We are crazy passionate about composting (and maybe just a little crazy in general).  In our previous blog posts we discussed the major and unsustainable problems that landfills (and the items that fill them) pose to the environment.  Obviously we love composting because it keeps a huge amount of waste from going to landfills and becoming toxic run-off, greenhouse gases, or literally “filling” our earth with garbage.  But there are a multitude of additional reasons to love the beautiful rot that makes up a compost pile! 

We can probably all remember learning in elementary school about the natural nutrient cycle – how plants grow nourished by the “building blocks” of life.  Then animals eat the plants, larger animals eat the smaller ones, and eventually when all life dies – it returns to the soil to start again.  But in our modern, industrialized life-styles we have interrupted this cycle violently.  When we bag our food scraps in plastic, we lock those building blocks away from the earth. When trees drop leaves full of vital nutrients to return to the earth – we bag the leaves and send them to the landfill.  We cover the earth with buildings and concrete – causing rain and nutrient run-off to sewers and eventually to the ocean. Traditional farming aimed at high-yield results involves planting, harvesting, and replanting without returning the products to the earth. This cycle creates dead soil and the need for artificial fertilization. Modern farming is re-examining this practice and driving change for the better – but you get the idea!

But when we compost instead of bag our organic waste – we mimic what nature perfected eons ago.  We bring carbons sources (leaves, cut grass, dead plants, wood chips) together with nitrogen sources (food scraps, chicken poop) and allow them to rot in the presence of air, water, and microbes.  This process creates an unbelievably rich product that can be mixed into existing soil to return needed nutrients, retain more water, and nourish the next growing generation.  Zoom in on the picture at the top of this post,  This is the nutrient analysis of our completed compost (performed by Texas A&M).  Think what even a little of this could do when added to a poor soil.

So if you look out your window in the night and see some weirdo stealing the bagged leaves off your curb this fall – remember that I told you we were crazy!!  Check out our leaf cage!  No landfill for these babies!!

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