Composting in the workplace is an amazing idea!  Perfect for lunchrooms, restaurants, caterers, schools and more, composting is the perfect partner to your company’s commitment to social responsibility.  Composting can reduce landfill trash collections and costs, encourage healthy lifestyle practices and boost morale.  Contact us today to start something great!

Window decal advertising your company's green profile!
Bins sized to fit your space and your needs
Different sizes for different types of organics

All business composting includes:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the right bins, collection schedule, placement, etc for your needs
  • Employee engagement session to discuss composting, organics sorting and the wonderful reasons to do it
  • Pick-up of collected organics per agreed upon schedule
  • Hand sorting and composting of all organics
  • Impact reporting to help you track and celebrate your acheivements
  • Earned compost that can be used by your business or shared with our community garden partners
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