Composting: The Doorway to Low-Waste Living

Have you been privileged to know someone who starts composting for the first time?  Whether they are making their own pile, giving organics to a neighbor or joining a pick-up service – it’s like watching a flower bloom.   First they are all worried about what kind of bin to use, what can and can’t go in the bin, if it’s going to stink, where they should keep it . . .   Then when the day-to-day logistics become more routine they start to wonder where all this waste went before.  They can’t believe they were sending so much wonderful organic matter to the landfill. Then they start to look at what they are still sending to the landfill.  They think . . . Could some of this have been recycled instead? In fact – why did those tomatoes have to come in a plastic box to start with??  Why did I bring my left-overs home in styrofoam?  That’s going to be in the landfill forever!!  How many toothbrushes have I thrown away in my life time? AAAAAhhhhhh.  Next thing you know they own stainless steel straws and beeswax food wraps and they have a box to put batteries in when they die cause those have to be disposed of properly for heaven’s sake!!!

So this is my point . . . Composting is the doorway to low-waste living (we don’t want to say it’s the “gateway drug” but composting can be very addictive!).  It makes us think about everything we put in the trash can – not just our organics.  It makes us think about not buying things that have to be trashed in the first place. . what are the alternatives?  Can we avoid it all together? The picture associated with this blog came from one of our wonderful CompostHaste customers who no longer calls her kitchen trash by the same name. Their whole family now calls it the “landfill” can.  This is why our mission at CompostHaste is to ethically, joyfully and responsibly advocate for waste reduction and composting.  We think this can change the world.

In our upcoming blogs we will discuss composting in more detail.  How you can do it on your own, what are the ways you can try and which one is best for you.  We will also discuss easy ways to reduce waste in your life in general.  These are just talking points . . you will think of many more on your own.  Email us your thoughts if you have a moment.