I understand that Compost Haste HATES making me read this, but once I finish the pain will be over. Like ripping off a Band Aid . . .

I understand that CompostHaste will bill me up front on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the option I chose at sign up. Monthly billing will occur on the anniversary date of the month and will be for the entire month, regardless of the number of regular pickups. I also understand that I will pay a one-time, $20 deposit that will be refunded to me if I cancel my service and return the bins issued to me by CompostHaste.

I understand that CompostHaste reserves the right to pick up anytime between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. on my designated pick-up day.

If bins are lost or destroyed while in my care, I understand that I will be charged $5 per damaged or lost bin. If I request additional bins and these are not returned within 2 weeks, this $5 per bin fee will also apply.

I understand that if I give 7 days advanced notice for temporary service suspension, I will be refunded the pick-up fee for that week.

I know I can cancel at any time and CompostHaste will cease pickups at the end of the then current month. Annual customers will be retroactively charged at the regular monthly rate for months used, and any remaining balance will be refunded. After I cancel, at my final monthly scheduled pick-up day, CompostHaste will come to pick up my bins so I can get a refund of my deposit. I promise to give CompostHaste 30 days to issue this refund as they will be so sad to see me go they will need a little time to grieve (and because the bank might take a while).

CompostHaste reserves the right to suspend or terminate service to any household knowingly putting hazardous items of any kind into their compost bin. I promise to never do this!

After reading this, if you want something to put you to sleep, check out our Privacy Policy.

It includes start-up on-site personal visit, bin deposit and some goodies to help you get started. It is a one-time fee. It will be refunded if you decide to stop your pick-up service and return your bins.

Once you contact us to describe your event and your goals, Compost Haste will provide an estimate and work with you on a management plan for your special day. We will ensure that you can honestly brag about your near-zero-waste event, increase your profile, and feel amazing about the outcome. To contact us any time with questions or comments, click here.

Yes! One of our main goals at Compost Haste is to close the loop of food consumption and return finished compost to you. After 6 months of consecutive participation in our service, we will begin returning compost to you approximately three times a year.

However, as you may have seen in our video, we work with small farms and homesteads to ensure all food wastes are properly composted organically and at the speed that mother nature chooses. We believe you can reasonably expect to receive 20 pounds of compost every four months starting 6 months after service initiation.

We do – and we are always open to new ideas so please contact us with any thoughts you might have!! Watch our Facebook , Instagram or web page for announcements of when we are at local farmers markets or events. Sometimes we will have free compost drop-offs so you can bring extra materials or tell your friends! We will do free pumpkin pick up after Halloween, and we like to post ideas from customers or partners about composting tips. Email us if you are doing something great for our environment or have an event you would like us to share. We are a community together and we love to hear from you.

Compost Haste will replace all bins that crack or break due to wear and tear. Just let us know. However, there is a $5 fee for any bins lost, destroyed, or stolen from your property (or eaten by your dog. Seriously watch out for this! Compost K-9 Caspian likes to chew on bins while we wash them. He’s lucky he’s so big or we might give him our meanest disappointed face).

Of course, but please give us a little advance notice. Contact us at least 7 days before the scheduled pick up and we will refund your collection fee for that week. (Have a great trip!)

To change your payment information, please log into your account then change your payment method in the subscription section. If you have any problems please contact us anytime.

Absolutely! In order to keep service as efficient and eco-friendly as possible we can not make extra trips to your home to drop off additional bins. However, if you give us at least 1 day advance notice of your normal pick up, we will drop off extras with your usual bins. We will bring 3 extra bins up to twice in a calendar year for no additional fee. Beyond this limit the fee is $3.00 per bin. If you are entertaining or hosting an event – we can help! Contact us for additional options.

We will be super happy to have you as part of our composting community! We will arrange a one-time, face-to-face meeting so we can get to know you personally and bring your first bins. We will let you direct us to the best location for our weekly pick-ups. We may even have a few extra fun items to bring to you – a lagniappe as our Louisiana neighbors say! After that our service will run quietly in the background unless you need us.

We have created a basic guide to help you know what can go in your bin or bucket, and what should stay out. Please click here.

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