Dreaming of a Waste-Free, Richly Green Dallas

We Believe . . .

that composting is the first step in a bigger change.  Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, returns needed nutrients to our earth, and teaches us to think about everything else we throw away. Start composting today and see where it will take you!

Compost Haste Stats

Metric tons of Waste Diverted
Nitrogen Content of Compost PPM
Metric tons of CO2E avoided
# of Active Landfills DFW Area

CompostHaste partners with individuals, businesses, events and communities to promote overall waste reduction with a focus on composting and education.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The kids and I love knowing that even though we have some waste, it gets put to good use! I love that it’s a great “circle of life” lesson and they understand that what we don’t eat gets used to.

The Riveras

We love Compost Haste. It is such a small, easy lifestyle change that makes a large impact. You can’t stop kids from wasting food, but you can teach kids to love and respect the Earth. Our kids now not only…

The Owsleys

Composting is one of the easiest way to give back to the environment. It’s simple to store, doesn’t stink and makes the world a better place.

The McAhrens